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  1. It is actually a nice and helpful piece of information. I am happy that you simply shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I was born in poor village and always struggle to find a way to get out of poor life. Then i suddenly see your web site with a big curious, i was nervous to put all of my money into your pocket.
    And finally I was right with my decision, I withdraw total 2000$ at WU Agent last 2 months.
    Thanks alot to you guys, and i wish you guys all the best to come,

  3. For a long long time, I have been looking for real seller that I can work with long term, and i have been ripped many times until i find this site, this is 4th time that i came to Western Union and get my cash.
    You guys are helping poor people like me to find a good life.
    We thank you to you guys so muchhhh!

  4. Growing up in Texas, I play gamble everyday since i was 16. I lost everything – education, money, friends, even my family’s care. As many other in that field, they tried to do something illegal to make money fast, and I also did that.
    In face, lucky did not come to me at all, i failed and lost all money I had. But i always believe that someday, I will find a good Vendor to work with. And you are the one that I’ve been looking for long long time. Now i already become your partner due to big amount transactions that we do every week…I write these words to let you know that I appreciate what you done to me!!!

  5. Your track USA is very good, I put all my all my trust into you guys!

  6. my MTCN 1000$ just worked few hours ago, I used these information you send to fill a form and receive cash successully!!!

  7. I received my Dumps very fast after sending money, it did work, and of course I am going to spend more on your site because I know you are surely a Master hacker!!!

  8. I buy Master Card USA and it helped me for shopping online, I spend around 200$ and it is approved. What a good service!

  9. You guys are definitely LEGIT, I and my friend got money this week without problem form Western Union, we will contact again with you soon!!!

  10. This is 2nd time I received my money. Very nervous at the first time, but I know this is your game lol, I believe in your expertise cause you guys consult very well and details.
    I hope that someday I can be assistant or something like that to support you guys.
    Anyway, I am happy with this Investment!!

  11. After 4 days, my physical card had come to my house, I and my friend used it to shopping and it did work with POS machine at the store, we spent around 500$ and it passed POS machine!!!!

  12. You always change for those not work, and I will recommend you to my friends

  13. Hi, I’m interesting more infor in my email Plz !!!

  14. I am so lucky to find you on the internet searching for Fullz cc UK. Your fullz has help me out for settling payment for ticket 800$. I appreciate that so much. And wish you guys all the best

  15. I came from Cape Town city, and looking for a dupms with Pin to take cash at my country South Africa, It was nice to get a good dumps pin at my country cause I have seen a lot of scammer on this market.
    You did give me a chance to make it done, and I am thankful for what you gave me, I was able to get 900$ at first time, I will be in touch with you in then next few days for sure

  16. I have nothing to say except bravo bravo to thanks for all your effort yesterday to help me get money at WU agent, you are so patience for helping me

  17. There was a big honour to meet your site and using your service. I have been ripped off twice till i can really make money. Your Mtcn and the rest information is good data, Western union let me take cash without asking any things. I will definitely use your services again .

  18. I’m interesting dumps with pin , Check your email plz. i sent yesterday

    1. Check your email !

    2. unbelievable ! Thanks boss very very much , i earn more $3000 profit this week . I will introduce a friend to you

  19. Cvv that bin 524805 is very good . Tomorrow i want make deal 20 cvv that bin. thanks you

  20. Do you have SSN – DOB Infor USA ?
    Can i get around 100 infor now ? and price ?

    1. plz check your email ! – i sent you 10 infor SSN-DOB first to test . min deal 1000 Infor SSN-DOB.. price $250 for 1000 infor. you can read text at Creditcard Topic

  21. My english not good, but i want to earn money with dumps service. can you help me
    i’m chinese

    1. Thanks for your help . You are the best

  22. Please wat name should i use for the wu transfer??

    1. We accecpt Bitcoin , perfect money or wmz payment now !

  23. 6/10 cvv Usa Pass $500 . I was satisfied with the results . thanks you so much

  24. Hello boss, Im new on this way to make money. yesterday I bought some cvv Usa and that good quality. i want to make deal with minimun deal – $1000 MTCN. Plz check your vault. i have sent payment 10 minute ago

    1. you need send detail your infor WU ( Fistname, lastname, City, Country )
      Contact Us
      ICQ : 911-99999
      Email : [email protected]
      Skype : Sellcvvdumps.com

  25. i’m new. i want make money online. can you help me

    1. check your email !

  26. hey wats gud my boi hatianbuck told me get at you. i’m trying get some Cvv Usa now.

    1. hi you ! Cvv USA price $10 per 1 – min sell 5 cvv
      plz contact us directly – thanks you !

    2. Thanks boss . Cvv very good. i want do paypal transfer or Bug Western union transfer.

    3. Read text at Topic: Paypal verified – Wu transfer

    4. thanks you , thanks hatianbuck
      your service very good , professional
      i will recommend few people to you

  27. i want to buy 2 fullz usa . how to pay you

    1. check your email ! we accpect bitcoin, webmoney , perfect money now !

  28. Je veux acheter des téléphones à bas prix, vous pouvez me aider?

    1. vérifiez votre email

  29. 我想购买中国的信用卡,你所提供的?

    1. i just used english language. you can used translate software. thanks you !
      check your email

    2. ok , good quality , trust you , you not scammer , thanks boss

  30. i want buy some cvv UK – LLOYDS TSB BANK PLC – can you show me list bin ?

    1. check your email plz !

    2. thanks for support team ! very good service

  31. i need one Cvv UK hight balance to order phone. do you have it ??

    1. check your email plz !

  32. I bought 3 dumps track last week and 2 of them works very well. But 1 not work, and they replaced it for me freely and this one works well like 2 previous. I will continue using your Dumps trac!

  33. how can i cash money skimmer dumps . thanks. wait for team support

    1. check your email plz !

    2. thanks very much

  34. i have alot project cash percent. can you work with me.

    1. when i see your are real partner , i will work percent. buy some cvv first to work

    2. Great Cvv, thanks man . i will do much bussiness with your team. i want show any moneys on my hand to you… nice bro.

  35. Dumps was really nice and work well with POS machine, I bought some clothes at Nike without any trouble

  36. how can i buy dumps with pin Usa type Debit . do you have it ?

    1. please contact us Via Icq or email . thanks you

    2. Check your vault . i have sent bitcoin to your account. i want 1 debit gold and 1 debit business

    3. we did received your payment . check your email for 2 dumps debit

    4. OMG !! it very very good brooo . i cash over $2k for 2 dumps. we will buy over 10 dumps next weeks. we relax now .. thanks you very much

  37. how much for dumps track 1-2 usa with pin . type debit . i prefer code 101 . thanks

    1. Check your email , Thanks !

  38. That dumps-pin is very good !
    when i buy bulk, can you discount for me ? maybe $75 per 1 pcs

    1. We just accpect bonus more dumps when you buy over 10 pieces


    1. check your email ! read text , how to make deal !

  40. You work fast and you are a man of your word..

  41. All 4 are good run great ccv I very grat service I will be doing much more business with you

  42. Hey can you please contact me 2 of the four I got are no good ccv its still within 24 hr period

    1. I repalce 2 cvv to you . plz check again !

  43. Do you have Ssn-Dob Infor USA ?

    1. check your email plz !

  44. Hello
    I need track 1 / 2 with pin . cash out ATM from Canada

    1. Check your email plz !

  45. Okay. i’m reading your email now. i will buy 2 Dumps-pin on first deal. i will Feedback soon

    1. Your DUmps pin very good bro . thanks your team.
      I will Buy much more on tuesday . have nice weekend.. thanks again

  46. Can you send me wu to brazil

    1. Plz check your email ! or contact US via ICQ: 91199999

  47. 24hours i send the money still waiting for my dump + pin

  48. How to buy Cvv from this site ? i want buy now

    1. Plz check your email !
      We accpect Bitcoin, Perfect money, Webmoney payment now !
      contact Us via Icq: 91199999

  49. want visa or master UK ( Barclays bank ) . Do You have it ?

  50. How do i go purchasing the dumps and where do i send payment

    1. Plz check your email !

  51. Hi, looking for 558700/452070/452071/452072 ( CA CVV)

    1. Check your email !

    2. I really appreciate the quality of your credit card. but if I buy in bulk, can you reduce the price for me?

      1. Check your email or contact us via Icq: 91199999

    3. Hi, we just bonus cvv more to you when you buy bulk. Thanks

  52. I need Creditcard usa visa and mastercard . how to buy it ?

  53. I bought 3 dumps pin.. just only one dumps good. replace 2 dumps Please.

    1. Check your email plz. i have sent 2 d-p

      1. Thanks you . i will Check that dumps in the morning
        Good night

      2. Good dumps bro ! thanks you. i will buy 10 dumps-pin a week. (y)

          1. Hi . nice to meet you
            my team are legit vendor
            check your email pls

  54. I want buy some cvv usa first. after that will buy more and more . Hope so you are not ripper

    1. Don’t worry, We are trusted vendor . check your email plz!

  55. HI im looking for any fullz associated with PNC bins

    1. check your emailz Plz !

  56. thanks sir , ur very good man. I purchased cvv it was some billing error i mail to sir and sir give me another. thanks again ur such great man

    1. We alway replacement for any not work

  57. Where is my 3cvv????! I m waiting!!!

    1. Check your email again ! have sent 6 hour ago

    2. Sorry boss, this my mistake. that on Spam lable 😀 . i will work now and feedback soon

  58. i would like to do transation today

    1. Check your email plz !

  59. the best hacker i work so far, 3rd time receiving my money from WU agent, i have gave some recommendaion about your guy to my friend , they will contact you soon. nice day bro

    1. Thanks you, nice day too

  60. before yesterday i bought some cvv an the service it was great, now last night i made a payment of amount $300 to receive a WU transfer and after i made the payment. i have been in touch via email now i received $1500 today morning. i will be grateful to say thanks guy. your money help me alot . god bless you bro !

    1. thanks you ! god bless you too

  61. I’m interesting with your dumps pin . i’m from china, i see dumps 101 or 201
    which way is better for me . i’m new , help me please . have a lot people working for me

    1. Hi man !
      Code 101 mean (1) International interchange (o)Normal use (1) without restrictions
      so a 101 dump can be used in any country for cash or goods and services payments without restrictions.
      Code 201 mean (2)International interchange with IC or chip (o) normal use (1) without restrictions
      so 201 dump can be use in any country for cash or goods and services payments without restrictions BUT CHIP VERIFICATION MUST BE DONE!
      I recommend to the noobs to work only 101 dumps.

    2. I like to buy some dumps pin 101 chinese . do you have it ?

      1. Have available , we will send around 15 minutes after received payment
        we accecpt bitcoin payment or perfect money payment
        Pls check your email !

      2. Thanks sir , Please check your bitcoin address now. i have sent payment for 3 dumps pin base 101

      3. Check your email. i sent total 4 dumps pin 101 (bonus on firsttime)

      4. okay. i saw your email . i will work on morning tomorrow and feedback soon
        thanks again

        1. Thanks your recommend , i’m talking with daniel. fast and good deal

  62. I need 2 Dumps T1 and T2 With Pin for Trails

    1. Plz check your email , or contact us – ICQ: 91199999

    2. Did the dumps was good

  63. Pls give me price Creditcard Visa Credit USA , fullz Visa credit USA

    1. $12 per 1 visa credit USA – $55 per 1 Fullz visa credit USA
      Bitcoin payment or perfect money payment
      Please Check your email !

  64. Thanks your support team !
    I get any problem , but your team help me so much. thanks again .. Feel lucky that finnaly i find a legit hacker like you. Good quality dumps !

  65. Damn, that worked. you guys are legit . that price expensive than another but good quality Cvv i feel sastified about it

  66. Thanks to my friend ( Brian ) recommendation about your team, i had used 2 dumps track base 101 at texas last night. i’m more than satisfieds about that. thanks you a alot for your work

  67. Hi sellcvvdumps.to team . It works very welllll !
    My friend used your data dumps and writed in his blank card then he came to ATM withdrawing cash total $2400 for 4 card.
    Finally, i found a legit hacker . i will recommend you guys to all of my friend .
    Thanks you very much !

    1. We are happy to work with you

  68. To your team ! have been used your WU transfer in 3 months, and you known what , your money has established my own bussiness, now i open a small store in the corner of Thailand. i will not use your service anymore. because i wanna make money by my shop. But i’like to send a sincere thanks to your team . It did help my life easier. Thanks you !

  69. Hi , i want buy some USA CVV – NY states
    How much for one ? minimum deal ?
    i have bitcoin payment

    1. $15 per 1 USA CVV request states – Min deal 5 cvv. BTC payment is better
      check your email pls

    1. do you want buy dumps track ?
      contact us : icq 91199999

  70. voglio fare affari con voi mi potete aiutare?

    1. English Pls !
      i will suppport you
      check your email !

  71. Eventually i can find a real hacker after being ripped 3 times by some fucking scammers out there . $2000 has been withdrawn by my brother account. i never seen you but definitely you are like a God in the internet for sure !

    1. Be helpful, thanks you

  72. I’m interesting with Alot good feedback. i want make first deal with good price. Contact me soon boss

    1. Hi man , check your email pls

    2. i’ve Read your email 5 minute ago. i wanna buy 2 dumps Eu on first deal, Bitcoin payment

    3. Bitcoin payment is better than other payment. price $260 for 2 dumps pin EU base 101
      i have sent my address bitcoin to your email. when you sent payment, let me known

  73. Sent, please check your vault. and send 2 DP to my email. i will work on morning tomorrow and feedback soon. thanks you

    1. Done ! check your email pls. we will guarantee balance over 500 EUR on each.

  74. I paid my money for paypal transfer. not yet receive more than 1 hours i send emails no reply no one answer

    1. Sorry for wait time . i will do transfer after 30 minutes . will bonus you more $500 amount. thanks you for waitting my team.

  75. I received a recommendation about your site last month from some friends at college. Today , after waitting for getting Bitcoin to make deposit, i and a friend of mine was able to register and buy an WU of amount $2000 with your team. finnaly i got the Infor MTCN and sender infor to withdraw cash at South Africa Western Agent. I did suggest you to my other street guy, they are all poor and definetly write you soon. Again , big thanks , big Hugs to your team !
    i feeling happy with that. you can see on pic .. 😀

    1. Nice shot , be helpful. thanks you

  76. need to buy valid cvv…get back to me

    1. Check your email pls
      contact us:
      email : [email protected]
      ICQ : 91199999

  77. Please contact me, and send all info how it’s works I am new

    1. Hi Miki !
      Pls check yours email

  78. i have been looking for a hacker for almost 6 months to find a good vendors of dumps. And after working with you guys over past 2 months ago, i’m very happy that finally i have came to a good place providing me a good a good data of dump track pin. Although i dissapointed sometimes cause your team is so cold and replied me late, but i known you guys is busy all the time. 4 days ago, i ordered 20 dumps track USA, and received it after 20 minute from your team .. i and my friend used all of them by yesterday, and my friend told me that 3 dumps did not work while all my dumps worked already. The thing i appreciate is that your team changed for me 3 new dumps immediately without asking why ??? and my friend called me back said that only 2 dumps not work not 3. I do not what to say, i send to my friend only 2 new dumps and sent back 1 dumps to support team . 2 new dumps work as normal. thanks for your work so much, your hacker team is prefectly. God give me to here. and i will be here as long as you guys being here. God bless all you guys

  79. Hi, i am looking for dumps + PIN for USA (track 1 and 2) and prefer state of AZ if possible. I am new member and hope to be long term customer. Can you help please?

    1. Hi you
      check your email pls !

      1. Hi, bitcoin was sent. still waiting on response for info. Please update me as soon as possible. Kind of emergency



          1. Okay bro. work and feedback soon

        2. have sent 2 dumps pin to your email. check again !

          1. YES, sorry i got it! thanks for helping me out soo quickly! You are the best!

  80. Do you sell paypal with balance in it or just the balance? Does someone know if this works? How to be sure?

    1. Check your email pls !

    1. check your email pls

  81. Hi, send my deep thanks to your team, help me alot to get my $2000 Yesterday. See you guys next month

    1. Thank you , God bless you !

  82. Big thanks to your great service , i have received 4000 GBP my account paypal and withdrawn it already .
    pls keep in touch as i emailed. i will keep you busy!

    1. Thanks you for your patience

  83. It fucking damm works !!! i did take $1900 from two dumps pin at Arizona 2 hours ago !! I will recommended your website to my friends there. They will contact you soon bro. Big thanks to you guys .

    1. Thanks you, relax tonight !

  84. Great service ! I did get my $4000 paypal after nearly 30 minutes purchase. I’m gonna withdraw to my banks account and take cash. Then i can do another transaction with you .

    1. Be helpful. Thanks you !

  85. Your CVV USA and UK is damn good! Very good balance

  86. Buy 10 Uk cvv pass vbv/3D . 3 died but replace new 3 very quick and live. thanks you guys

    1. Be helpful . God bless you

  87. I want buy Eu Cvv Pass vbv – bin, Can you please guide ?

    1. Check your email pls

  88. I received my $2000 this month again, i do not known how long you guys still provide this service, But as long as you here, I’m getting enough cash to feed my kid.i am thankful God that take me to here. God bless you guys

  89. Some cvv good balance, some not good balance. But i known you are legit hacker. I hope your team will get Cvv hight balance for my work on next time . thanks you

    1. okay. let me known when you want buy more cvv pass VBV/3D

  90. I would like to buy Western Union tranfer, what is biggest amount you can transfer to Mexico ?

    1. Amount $2000 MTCN is biggest WU transfer to mexico
      Check your email pls

    2. Thanks boss, i will buy amount $2000 MTCN on Monday

  91. I want buy amount $2000 MTCN today. how much ? bitcoin payment ?

  92. I have sent $500 bitcoin to your address. please check your btc address and do transfer western union to me
    waitting now

    1. Check your email pls . Amount $2000 MTCN is ready for picked up

  93. Damm, MTCN Worked . i picked up enough $2000 at WU store 1 hour ago. you are legit !!! thanks very very much your team

  94. I want to make a transfer to W.U. of $2000.

    1. check your email pls

  95. I need to find out how much a good limit fullz will cost. and cant you get cash from a fullz. How much and what kind of limit do they have.

    1. Hi, check your email pls

  96. how can i purchase numbers

  97. Who are ordering USA Cvv bin 517805 . contact me now
    Alot customer requested any bin. i lost your contact. pls send to my email address. or icq: 91199999

  98. dear, admin,
    i have good money to spend, and i keep getting burned by all these other sites. either the info is no good or they take my bitcoin deposit and i cant even see if they offer legit services. neadless to say i am a little leary about spending any more money without some kind of assurance that i am going to get what i am paying for. i am not here for a handout or a freebie but please show me you mean business and that my hard earned money isnt being stolen. 4ki……[email protected] is one of my paypals show me what you can do i have bitcoin ready for you.
    sincearly kit carder

    1. Hi, check your email pls

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